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The Essex Group has many Assessment tools to help you find the RIGHT “Job Match”. These advanced technology tools predict job suitability and accurately match candidates with the work they do. They can be used for selection, training, promotion, managing and succession planning.  We have tools that can be used for pre-employment screening for assessing the attitudes of job candidates regarding integrity, responsibility, drug use and work ethic.


Our Assessment tools are easy to administer and can be used securely and conveniently over the internet, or at your site, using either a computer or assessment booklets.  Results can be processed to fit your specific needs in individual and/or group reports, work environment, team analysis, sales strategy, 360° competency feedbacks, career mapping, customer service, and other types of reports. 


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TTI Performance Systems, Ltd. What follows is a description of assessments that are available from TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.™  All assessments are easy to use.  In just 10 short minutes you can complete the Success Insights™ & Managing For Success® forms online and your administrator will be able to obtain an immediate valuable report of unique personal insights that will help you discover qualities about yourself that could be the key to opening new doors of opportunity.  You will have a better understanding of your work and/or management style and be able to develop an action plan that can enhance your personal and professional growth.   More... information on the BENEFITS of the Success Insights™ assessments.

Profiles International, Inc.  A description of the Profiles assessment tools available for evaluating job applicants, managing and developing employee programs, team building, leadership development, and customer service.  More...

The Total View Assessment is a scientifically designed method of measuring work-related characteristics of people. It is an accurate, valid, and reliable psychometric assessment used for a wide variety of human resource requirements including assisting in the prediction of the job suitability of candidates for specific jobs, aiding the team building process and detailing specific information on employees' training and coaching requirements.

The Essex Group professional services includes using assessment tools for

Organizational Effectiveness Strategies in:

  • Performance Measurement & Management Systems

  • Compensation and Benefits Planning & Systems

  • Management Development and Succession Development

  • Attracting, Retaining and Advancing the Best Talent

  • Pre/Post Hire Assessment Systems

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