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An Award-Winning

Business & Leadership Development Program

A unique, award winning development program for small, minority owned businesses

in Middlesex County and beyond. 

The program is sponsored by the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, funded by a generous grant from the Aetna, Inc. and is facilitated by professionals from THE ESSEX GROUP.


August, 2010: Hartford Business Journal News Release



SIDE STREET TO MAIN STREET Graduation Ceremony held at

the Middletown Chamber of Commerce on

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Graduates of Side Street to Main Street Business & Leadership Development Program Class 16

Lisa M. Bennett - Bennett's Baking Boutique, Cakes and Pies by Lisa, Cromwell

Renee Butler - Consulting Originals, Rockfall

Areecia E. Cherry

Charmaine Clarke-Browne-Northstar, Rockfall

Armida Espaillat - Armida Espaillat, Interior Design Studio, Middletown

Asim A. Hanif 

Kurt M. Harrison Jr. - Nutmeg Planners LLC, Hartford

Sheldene E. Johnson - Precious Jewels Child Care Center, Hartford

Nelly Lopez - Marios Multi Services, Middletown

Patricia A. McClellan

Jesse Edward Mullins

Esther Nicholls - Aesthetics For You, Farmington

Tamisha L. Smith

Richard L. Sneed - Just Like Momma's Soul Food, Middletown


In attendance were Assistant Controller of the Aetna, Inc. Christopher Montross, Graduate Gee Williams,

and Master of Ceremonies and Facilitator from The Essex Group for the

Side Street to Main Street program, Jim Jackson.



A successful entrepreneur combines the vision and curiosity of a dreamer with the practical engineering of a builder.  A successful entrepreneur is goal directed. A successful entrepreneur is a leader in the community.


Developing an entrepreneur's leadership ability is significantly different from leadership training. 

In training, knowledge is transferred from one person to another.  Development occurs when knowledge is internalized to create behavioral changes, expressed as positive, results-oriented attitudes

 that generate desired actions and results.



 is a pragmatic, structured, yet open-ended approach to development. 

It is designed to help people who haven't had formal business training to develop the attitudes,

skills and qualities necessary for effective business success.


It is a process designed to engage people with similar interests in a program that finds their

core competencies and builds on them to expand the scope and profitability of their business.


The program builds success by focusing simultaneously on business planning, personal leadership attributes, management & time mastery skills and excellence in sales & customer service.


Individually, each person reflects the behavior and attitude of a goal-directed leader. 

Collectively, they form a powerful force that reinforces the achievement of their personal and business goals.


A sampling of skills and topics covered in the program are:

                                                Interpersonal and Business Skills

      Know and Understand Yourself

-        Behavioral Style

-        Attitudes & Values

      The Role of Behavioral Style in Business

      Selling Skills

      Time Management

      Goal Setting for Success

      Financial Planning for Business

      Employment Regulations


Attitude Development

      Positive Attitude Development

      Developing Personal & Business Goals

      Self Affirmation

      Making Choices and Setting Priorities


Action Oriented Business Plan

      Executive Summary

      Industry Analysis

      Target Markets and Competition

      Strategies & Risk Assessment

      Operations & Technology Plans

      Management & Organization Structure


      The Financials

      Your Exit Plan



Pictures from  2009-2010 GRADUATING CLASS 13:

 Graduating students of the Side Street to Main Street Program 13 are as follows: (names do not correspond to picture)

Gee Williams, Artha Slade,  Margaret Rose Moore, Roberta Nyomo, Kaitlen McGriff, Al Mayo, Zoila Blanco,

 Loida John-Nicholson, Josette Hill-White, Angela Griffin-Wimberly, Ishmail Gaunichaux, Joseph Bennett III

and the two named the highest achieving, Reggie Holley and Will Ezell. 

Students attended the classes once a week for six months straight.


To date, 200 graduates of the program have used what they learned to build success and reduce the risk of failure in both the business and personal aspects of their lives. 

If you are interested in being a participate and graduate of the Award-Winning


apply today by calling the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce at (860) 347-6924

and ask for Jennifer De Kine or email:



  For more information, or to place your name on the Applicants List for participation in the Fall 2013 class, call Jennifer DeKine, Coordinator of the Side Street to Main Street Program at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce: (860) 347-6924




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