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The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success or failure in our work and our personal life.  The Managing For Success® software reports meet a variety of needs and special applications required for increased individual and organizational effectiveness.  The report generated from your individual responses quantifies information on how we perceive ourselves and others and results in increased effectiveness and productivity.

“Effective interaction begins 
with an accurate perception of oneself.”


TTI Success Insights™ Reports now available on-line.  Only 24 multiple choice questions.  All versions are validated instruments.  All produce a comprehensive, personalized report with information unique to the respondent's behavior in the work place in the following areas:

  • General Characteristics

  • Value to the Organization

  • Checklist for Communicating

  • Don'ts on Communicating

  • Communications Tips (for use with others)

  • Ideal Environment (behavioral fit)

  • Perceptions (self and others)

  • Descriptors

  • Natural and Adapted Style (comparison)

  • Adapted Style (current behavior in relation to work)

  • Keys to Motivating

  • Keys to Managing

  • Areas for Improvement

  • Action Plan

  • Behavioral Hierarchy

  • Style Insights™ Graphs

  • Success Insights® Wheel

Success Insights ™ Versions include:


Executive™ Version Benefits:

is designed for CEOs, Managers, and Decision Makers.  It provides an accurate analysis of their strengths, their value to the organization and provides knowledge that enables them to negotiate a communication system that produces more effective work teams.


  • Identify how executives tend to approach problems and challenges.

  • Learn the target characteristics that move an executive from a "manager" to a "leader".

  • Report will offer strategies for communicating openly, ethically and directly to get the results the organization needs.

Management-Staff™ Version Benefits:

gives valuable information to the employee, the manager and the work team.  It clarifies individual work styles, how styles effect job performance and how the employee-manager relationship effects productivity and goal achievement.


  • Show how people can be effectively coached in maximizing their strengths to achieve the organization's goals.

  • Show how to apply the results of the report to create improved morale, increased productivity, personal development plans, and win-win situations for both staff and managers throughout the organization.

  • Improve communications and contribute to successful change management.

Sales™ Version Benefits:

allows sales managers to increase success in hiring the “Right” person and motivating new and existing salespeople to perform at their best.  It takes the guesswork out of managing salespeople, and allows companies to develop sound relationships through individual management plans.


  • Give the sales professional a broad understanding of his/her natural sales style.

  • Analyze and detail the type of product they prefer to sell.

  • Show how they handle sales presentations.

  • Show how they close and service their accounts.

  • Show managers how to get the most out of their sales team

  • Bring a salesperson out of a sales slump and back on a winning track.

  • Reduce employee turnover and new training costs.

  • Boost your sales - the ultimate objective of any business.

Personal Interest, Attitudes, and Values™ Benefits:

is an assessment report that gives you insight into your own attitudes and values which direct your actions and provides the “why” behind what you perceive as your purpose and direction in life.  Values help you make choices when confronted with difficult decisions and behaviors.  Thus this assessment is commonly used in resolving conflict or intervention.  Another purpose is to consider the nature of values and how they impact on work performance at both the individual and the group level.  Employers can recognize the different values and how they are supported in an agreeable and rewarding way so productivity will increase and goals will be achieved.


  • Know the WHY of your automatic behavior and actions.

  • Know what motivates you to take action.

  • Learn how others perceive you.

  • Make career choices that are more in line with your underlying passions.

  • Understand the causes of conflict in your life.

  • Increase your satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Workplace Motivators™ gives you hidden values of why your employees sell, manage, consult, or service customers and clients the way they do.  What can you do to capture your employees enthusiastic responses of a happy customer, a big sales contract landed, or a tough problem solved?  The Workplace Motivators™ report identifies six different values categories.  Identifying the values drives of individuals, teams, and organizations:

  • Reduces conflicts

  • Increases talent retention

  • Improves efficiency and productivity

  • Energizes any group working together toward common goals

  • Reduces turnovers, resulting in enormous cost savings

Other Success Insights ™ Versions are: Team Building™, Customer Service™, Work Environment ,  & Sales Strategy Index


Managing For Success Team Building® program targets key information necessary to build effective teams.  Through individual reports, each team member clearly perceives how he/she contributes to the organization and gains a greater appreciation of how differing styles are required to achieve team goals.


Managing For Success Customer Service® program is designed to allow employees having any contact with customers to learn more about themselves and learn how certain customers will react to their natural communication style.  This increased knowledge will help the employee build rapport and provide more successful customer service.


Managing For Success Work Environment™ program is directly related to matching a person’s natural behavior with the behavior demanded by a specific job.  This system allows the user to identify and compare people’s perceptions with reality.  There are six unique comparisons for you to fully understand the ramifications of job matching and mismatching.

Time P.L.U.S.™ program identifies Time Wasters that impact individual productivity, their possible causes and offers possible solutions for correcting or eliminating specific time wasters.  It allows individuals the opportunity to develop a powerful new approach to organizing, monitoring and managing their time.

Interviewing Insights is a special program available in two versions, General and Sales, which allows you to compare the person you are interviewing to their reports.  It eliminates the candidate from masking behavior just to get the job.  Make sure you hire the “real” person—not their adapted behavior for the interview.


Sales Strategy Index covers six different steps in the sales process:

 Prospecting, First Impressions, Qualifying, Demonstration, Influence and Closing

This program:

·       simplifies sales training

·       allows managing and coaching to be focused on the areas that product results

·       builds confidence

·       identifies the sales strategy knowledge areas that are needed to sell a specific product/service in a given market

·       identifies new sales applicant’s strengths and weaknesses

·       identifies specific training or management needs of a salesperson or sales force.

Behavioral Factor Indicator™ reports are available with the Executive, Employee-Manager and Sales programs.  These reports are designed to evaluate specific behavioral factors that are directly related to high achievement.  By generating a bar-graph report, the Behavioral Factor Indicator reports classify a person’s behavioral skill in 12 specific areas for the Management report and 17 for the Sales report.  The reports are easy to read and compare an individual against other top performers or against a standard.  The reports assist the managers in identifying exactly where coaching may be required and what behavioral changes are needed to improve performance.

Communicating With Style™ enhances the communication process with any group through an understanding of an individual’s own communication style.  The report includes a section on Communication Flexibility and Situational Strategies that develop group communication.  An Action Plan designates specific communication goals.  This program is widely used in family situations.

Discovery 360° Feedbackassessments are powerful tools for helping individuals improve, grow and develop their soft (interpersonal) skills. When a 360° Feedback report is returned the ineffective soft skills are made aware.  The assessment shows an individual what others think their performance is versus what it should be. The understanding of others’ perception will increase an individual’s drive for success, when they are given the information in a constructive manner such as the Discovery 360° Feedback.  This assessment is used as a starting point for a developmental process.  The follow-up strategies provide results that ensure improvement and success.  Information given is strictly confidential and the final reports are detailed with interpreted guidelines.

T.E.A.M.S.™  assessment is used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your team players.  Each team has its own unique impact.  T.E.A.M.S. provides a complete assessment of the strengths and weaknesses before implementing team building training.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,

Then a demonstration could be worth a thousand pictures.

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